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The Wind and the Willows

Well, I may have spoken too soon.  Irene, wimpy as she was, managed to whip up enough wind to fell two big willows in our little corner of the Fens, one right along the path outside my garden…

This is one of the ones that used to provide much of my late afternoon dappled sunlight, not to mention a favorite perch for hawks.  But it had lost two big limbs last summer, and was, as we now know, not long for this world.

The weird thing I saw when I was down surveying the damage was several people out with their infants in strollers wheeling them through the wreckage.  One couple with a stroller wanted their picture taken with the baby under the fallen willow with the downed power line dangling, like, two feet from them.

Which is when I decided it was time to string up the “caution” tape.

Better late than never.

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