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A Long(er) Goodbye for The Otherside

The Boo and I dropped into the storied Otherside Cafe yesterday for what we assumed would be our last brunch at Boston’s premier hipster dive serving unparalleled hangover cuisine delivered in an untimely manner by the skinniest, most tattooed wait staff anywhere this side of the Charles.  But it turns out they got a brief reprieve and won’t be closing until this time next month (January 28th, to be precise).

There’s a big furniture store called Room & Board slated for the spot, although my feeling is it’s a terrible place for it.  Truth is, it’s a pretty terrible place for anything, which is why it’s the perfect place for a hipster dive like Otherside.

But I can see how a developer could spin it as an ideal location for something else.  Even the Globe made it sound like a big box dream-spot — “prime retail space” in Back Bay “where Newbury meets Massachusetts Avenue” — if you didn’t know any better.

It is highly visible. It’s just that, as the Otherside’s name suggests, it’s a tad inconvenient to get to, because right there “where Newbury meets Massachusetts Avenue” is also — by happenstance — the entrance to the Mass. Turnpike.  It’s like a Masshole black hole, where Newbury turns suddenly into Nobury Street, tapering off into oblivion.

Which is sort of what the Otherside based its success on.

They’ll be looking for a new Boston locale, but it’s hard to imagine a spot quite so conveniently inconvenient, a forgotten destination only seen from a distance if you knew where to look.

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